1. Where is the best place to have a coffee shop?
  2. Where would you have one if you were to start a coffee shop?
  3. What’s the most desirable location?
  4. Is it okay to have your coffee shop near other shops or would you choose a part of town with lower coffee shop density?
  5. What are some of the areas in metro Phoenix with low coffee shop density?
  6. Are there any areas in metro Phoenix that have an obvious lack of coffee houses? Is there a reason?
  7. Can a Starbucks thrive anywhere?
  8. Can a normal coffee house thrive anywhere?
  9. If a Starbucks opens across the street from an independent coffee house does that help or hinder?
  10. Would it be good or bad for a string of independent coffee houses to be situated in the same area (like car dealerships and furniture stores do).
  11. Do most consumers pick one coffee house and stick with it or do they frequent many places?
  12. What is the frequency with which a typical coffee shop patron visits?

And no, I’m not planning on opening a shop, I was just curious.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. All excellent questions – I will be looking at many of those as Rocket Coffee Roasters will be opening another Valley location. This new location will be a combined roastery & coffee shop. Plus a bunch of innovative, interactive,
    and brand spanking fresh stuff will be incorporated. The likes this Valley has never seen. Stay tuned…!!!

  2. Larry – That is really, really cool! I’m excited for you. I have been swamped with meetings but I’ll try to get you an email soon so we can move forward on stuff.