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  1. Hello there. For some of you that don’t know me I used to be a coffee picker in Costa Rica and almost every kid I knew was one. This would have come very handy as the original woven baskets were heavy and when wet got even heavier. They came in different sizes but very little kids used anything different than the adult ones that carried almost 50 lbs. One of the things that fascinated me about this article is how clean the hands, the basquet, the clothes, the coffee cherries (there arer huge! And the leaves are not from coffee) etc. The coffee picking is such a hard labor as the juices from the freshly picked fruit run throug your fingers and at the end of the day hands are trash and so are your clothes. The picture is the equivalent of model posing as a butcher, the real picker will never look like that. Is good that someone is thinking about one of the lowest paying jobs in the planet and trying to make it a bit more tolerable.

  2. Wow, the hands in that photo, Ron! Looks really rough, like you described!

  3. janet

    Where can I buy one?

  4. Ian Caldwell

    Please let me know where I can buy these please.
    thanks ideal design. Ian c