Joe Drinker writes:

What happened to the Coffee Plantation on 16th Street & Glendale? I was there almost all afternoon Wednesday, but today I show up and the place is gutted, and the signage is gone?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. A victim of slumping sales due to bad location & no drive thru, in addition to the Starbucks that opened up down the road with a shiny new drive thru.

  2. Nikki

    I was there a couple months ago and had the WORST latte I have ever had. It tasted like coffee from a pot left on a burner for a day, combined with maybe a splash of milk. I was so bummed because I really don’t like supporting Starbucks and am always looking for alternatives. I hope a new coffee spot goes in because the location is nice and tucked away, which makes for a nicer “hang-out and stay” vibe.

  3. angela

    I’ve also had horrible-tasting vanilla lattes at this location. I will not miss it.