I read this today and cringed. Do the coffee roasters and buyers in attendance have anything too say about this?

Coffee futures may spike next year because of a looming shortage of green coffee beans caused by growing consumer demand coupled with an off year in Brazil’s biennial crop cycle.

Still, coffee traders have not yet priced in the risk of a deficit, reducing the probability that roasters will soon raise their list prices, which are used as a measure for setting prices for coffee shipped to supermarkets and store chains.

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  1. I don’t think it’ll be as huge of an impact as many suspect. I think Folger’s may go up about a buck (at most) and that’ll be the major impact.

    Then again, I could be wrong. (I have been before)

  2. I agree with Jason, the big guys will raise prices but not by much. We are also talking apples and oranges here. The coffee I buy is known as “Specialty Grade”, and costs generally three times what the “big four” pay for the lower grade beans.

    I typically do not let price guide my green coffee purchases. If it is an incredible coffee and I want it, I’ll buy it regardless of price. My hope from the story is that the farmers realize more money for their coffee crops.

    My concern is more focused on increasing fuel prices. This is driving the cost of coffee up a whole lot more than a forecasted coffee shortage. My coffee delivery costs are up more than 20% from the same time last year. It’s a long and expensive trip from Papa New Guinea or Ethiopia for example.