* Daily Buzz Coffeehouse is now closed *

A few weeks ago I drove down to Queen Creek to check out the new Daily Buzz Coffeehouse. For people who live or work in that part of town, you are lucky.

Their are two things you need to know: First, the coffee is exceptional. They import all of their coffee from PT’s Coffee in Kansas City. It’s very smooth yet flavorful blend. Along with that, the owner, Bill McCauley is also experienced in food distribution, also managing Red Rock Foods. What does this mean? It means that they know their products and how to make them taste the best.

Carla Zacher is the manager at Daily Buzz, and prepared both a latte and a double espresso for me to taste. I’ve got to say, both were quite good — I drank them both in just a few minutes they were so delicious. I forgot to take a photo of the espresso, but here is a photo of my latte.

The second thing you need to know is that the building and interior are all custom designed and perfect for hanging out. There’s a section in the back that is geared towards laptop users. There are even plugs and wires if you want to plugin, or use their wireless internet (which is free). I hear that they’re installing televisions in this back area, too, so you can watch the news.

In the middle are some comfortable lounge chairs and then in the front are tables. A huge outdoor patio is also available when the weather is nice.

Beautiful outdoor signage. Some of the best I have ever seen on a coffee shop.

A shiny silver La Marzocco two group espresso machine takes center stage on the huge granite counter top. There is also room for a second espresso machine. You can also see the grinder and when I visited they ground and dosed for my shots.

A closeup of the La Marzocco espresso machine.

The front of the La Marzocco.

A view from the front counter — lots of tables for seating. I should also mention that Daily Buzz sells fruit smoothies which I understand are to die for. They make them with fresh fruit. Plus, they have breakfast bagel sandwiches and I understand more food is on the way.

Another view of the front counter.

Here is a view of the back room where there are stools and a counter for resting your laptop. Cool place to work for sure.

As you can see, they have a huge patio. Too bad the weather is turning warm. Overall, Daily Buzz is exceptional and if you’re in the area, or even want to try a new place then head down to Queen Creek and give it a try. Now, I just hope they open one up close to my office!

Daily Buzz Coffeehouse
22721 S. Ellsworth Rd.
Queen Creek, AZ 85242
(in the new Village Shops at Queen Creek)

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  1. Hi Chris,

    Excellent writeup. Seeing the Google Map made me wonder if you had put together a Map of all the places you’ve reviewed on the site. Might be a nice feature…


  2. Hi Chris,

    Excellent writeup, as usual. Have you thought about creating a Google Map with all the places you’ve reviewed? Would be awesome to have a map showing locations, rating, etc…



  3. Thumbs up for La Marzocco and specialty coffee. Those Queen Creekers are some lucky folk.

    Thumbs down, however, for considering TVs. I think the daily buzz should come from literacy and sociability, not from whatever pretty Hollywood types are pushing this week (day, minute, etc.).

  4. Thankgoodness Queen Creek is not too far from me. I agree, the signage is really nice. Great write up and pictures. I’m sold. 😉

  5. Todd

    Man – I wish I lived closer! Queen Creek is a LONG drive from my pad in North Scottsdale…..

    Bill – let me know when you are normally there and I’ll make it a point to drive down, say Hi, and have some nice ‘spro.

  6. First, thanks to our wonderful customers. Second, thanks to Chris for the nice write-up and video. I appreciate everyone’s comments very much. We’re doing our best to crank out great drinks. Later on, we’ll be offering an additional espresso blend.

    Much, much more is in the works.


  7. I completely agree. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love their smoothies and it is a GREAT place to meetup and go over ideas. We’re actually having our bi-monthly Professional Networking meeting here. Feel free to checkout http://queencreek.iknowapro.com for the details. Everyone that’s interested is invited.