Yes, you too can write your own coffee shop reviews. Just use this simple formula and you can be a coffee shop reviewer just like me.

The n was x but lacked y.
Where n = a coffee drink off the menu, x = a non-committal yet positive adjective, and y = a hyperbolic adjective not generally used to describe coffee.
i.e., “The cappuccino was flavorful but lacked meaning”

or, for the more advanced reviewer:

What the a lacked in x, the b made up for in y.
Where a = a coffee drink off the menu, x = a characteristic often used in conjunction with fast cars, b = another coffee drink off the menu, and y = an adjective generally used by Victorian novelists to describe a young woman.
i.e., “What the the macchiato lacked in punch, the almond double shot no fat latte with whip made up for in delicacy.”

Heavily inspired by this post.

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