I stopped in at Coffee Rush in Gilbert the other day and had a drink. It was really hot outside so I decided to try one of their sweet drinks. I couldn’t finish it! It had so much sugar. It was the Black & White Mocha. I’ve had friends rave about it, I guess I just can’t handle that much sugar all at once.

On a side note, I saw that they are hiring baristas at $12 hr.

Coffee Rush – Gilbert
1555 N. Gilbert Road
Ste 107
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: (480) 507-0930
Directions: South-East corner of Baseline & Gilbert.

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  1. I’ve never tried the B&W Mocha, but the single shot Iced Mocha is my absolute fave from Coffee Rush because of the sweetness factor. Maybe C-Rush is the Mecca for those with a sweet tooth? 🙂

  2. Woo! One of my favorite coffee shops for all around enjoyment. Their mixed drinks can be a little sweet, but they are very willing to tailor it for you if you tell them you don’t like it as sweet or whatever.

    Favorite drink is a caramel rush frost (blended) “all black” (iced coffee replaces the milk). Will wake you UP!

  3. Pierce/Bear

    Been to that particular Coffee Rush a few times……good Mocha’s 🙂

  4. D. Bishop

    Mo and his team are the very best in the business. I often pass several coffee shops on the way to Coffee Rush and it is always worth the trip. I really appreciate the quality of employees that Mo hires as they all do an excellent job. My only suggestion would be to better police the slugs that slip in and go straight to the patio without ordering anything. They occupy valuable table space and are bad for business.