Why are the logos of coffee shops so very dull? I don’t mean to harp on small businesses or even the big chains, however Starbucks, Coffee Plantation, and even The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (three of the big chains that come to mind) have the most monotone logos you can conjure up. I’m also noticing a huge trend in this business: Logos are predominantly circular (I think trying to follow the lead of Starbucks).

I think there is a place for all types of logos (think Starbucks with two colors) and at the same time, I really love logos with depth and character. Some of these logos really capture my attention. Just look at them! They’re beautiful works of art. Completely original and lending character and personality to their establishments.


If you found this topic interesting, you might find my post on Coffee Patterns to be a good read.

Know of any good coffee shop logos I might have missed?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Hi Micah: Thanks for stopping by! I agree, Xtreme Bean does have a good logo and their web site is also quite well done.

  2. Sarah – I really like the Coffee Supreme site and logo. They have some really good content on their site about how to open up a coffee shop plus their locator maps are cool, too. Thanks.

  3. David

    I’ve been a big fan of Raven’s Brew for a while now. It’s worth checking out their site for some of their individual coffee logos (and slogans)- a lot of them are quite good, quite funny (I particularly like the ‘Deadman’s Reach’ and ‘Three Peckered Billy Goat’ logos). The majority are done by Ray Troll (http://www.trollart.com/) who’s art I enjoy quite a bit as well.

    It’s also _fabulous_ coffee. Well worth mail-ordering.

  4. bec

    this is weird but i love coffee so i cant really complain
    it also helped me with my graphics coursework i think

    coffee rawks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As any experienced, professional designer or advertising art director knows, a beautiful work of art can become a nightmare when it has to be applied to apparel, signs, drinkware, one color print ads or other mediums. A logo is more about establishing a recognizable identity than being a work of art. That’s why corporations hire professionals to design their logos.

  6. I really like the Javana Coffee logo. The design just says coffee straight away, even without reading the text.

  7. I’d have to definitely agree with you about some of the big coffee chain’s logos, particularly Starbucks. I really like the Arabicas logo. I’d use something like that if I opened a coffee shop.