Marty Daniels wrote:


I just found you through Viddler and your post about what local coffee shops could do to increase summer time traffic.

Idea 1: Host a Community Art show.

Idea 2: Host an educational or cause oriented event in their parking lot and get other organizations to set up “booths” or “stations” in their parking lot.

Idea 3: depending on the neighborhood, poetry reading, acoustic music night, game night…with board games. etc.

I really enjoyed your blog, I just spent the last hour reading your reviews of various shops…great site…I am glad I found it.

My very best,

Marty Daniels…fellow coffee lover in Ohio!

Thanks Marty! I really appreciate you’re spending some time on the site and offering up some ideas. Thank you!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Well now my wheels are turning…
    Super-Soaker Blast
    If you can fill up an iced caffe americano from 20 feet with one super-soaker tank, you win a free iced drink. Price of admission: free (it pays off as long as people show up to watch and participate).