One of our regulars here on Arizona Coffee is a guy named Tomas who runs a blog called Cozy Rocket. It’s his online playground where he shares the music he loves and the story behind it. For me, a notable music neophyte it’s pure joy because I can learn about music and not look like a dolt.

Well, Tomas has a new feature up called Coffee Shop Week and during this week he is going to be highlighting some of the music he thinks “would belong right at home playing in a Coffee Shop.” It’s a great idea — be sure to check it out.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I was wondering where all that traffic was coming from! 🙂 Thanks for the link love Chris!

    And I would love to have Coffee Shop owners and patrons chime in on what music they play and what music they like to listen to.

  2. Nothin’ beats roasting an organic Ethiopian Sidamo while listening to some Phish bootlegs!

    It’s like peanut butter and jelly!

  3. I jumped on iTunes and looked up some of Phish’s popular songs and really like them. Thanks for the suggestion Larry!

  4. I went on iTunes as well and listened to Phish and like what I hear. Good tip, Larry!


    Yes, I would agree with the rest, larry, Phish definetely hits the spot. I like “wasted” quite a bit. Im putting together a nice coffee shop music on my IPOD as well, and this is definetely a nice addition! Thanks!