Mark Walker emailed me to let me know about their new coffee shop opening this Sunday, October 15th. It’s a place called Java Co, and it’s going to be in Scottsdale on Northsight Blvd.

Mark described it as “a new scottsdale based coffee company with 15 location nation wide, with all the best in the coffee house enviorment, free wireless, cozy surroundings.”

Sounds good. Thanks for writing, Mark.

Update: I received some additional information this morning.
The location for the Scottsdale store – (we have others opening in Fountain Hills and PHX @ 101 and Cave Cave Creek in November 15th) is 15223 N Northsight Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. It is in the Walmart Shopping center. Hours will be Sun-Thursday 6am-10 pm. Friday / Saturday 6am to 11pm.

Click here for a map.

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  1. Ali M

    This place sounds great already! Great location, too. See you tomorrow and good luck with the new business….

  2. Hey Ali – let me know what you think if you go today. I am intending to make a trip over there, but it’s not yet decided whether I’ll make it. However it’s on my list!

  3. Todd Welfelt

    This store is about 1 mile from where I work. I am heading there now. I will post results when I return!

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  5. Note: I think it’s INSIDE the Wal-Mart, but I couldn’t find it. Did you find it, Todd?

  6. Todd Welfelt

    I finally located this coffee shop. It is NOT in the Wal-Mart but you can see it from the parking lot. It is southeast from the entrance of Wal-Mart across the parking lot. Head towards the Starbucks the greeter pointed you towards and head south (away from the Wal-Mart entrance) along the line of stores there. The shop is two (I think) buildings south of the one Starbucks is in. When I drove by it this weekend (Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday) the store still looked to be ‘in progress’. I tried to go in and I was told they weren’t open for business yet but were expecting to open soon.

  7. Todd Welfelt

    I drove by just a few min ago and this store still looks to be closed. I will post when it is open and I will leave my impressions. I can say, from the one time I was in the store (they were doing interviews so the door was unlocked) the store looked cozy with cinnamon/brown walls and cream highlights. I couldn’t tell what the final decor would be like, but the place had a small but comfortable feel. Also – I don’t know what they were baking the day I was there but the smell was INCREDIBLE. I can’t wait until it is open.

  8. I can’t believe that Starbucks didn’t insist on an exclusive. You know? And it’s awesome that this coffee shop owner is brave enough to open literally next door to a Starbucks.

  9. Linda Lambert

    The store is on the same side as Starbuck’s just before it, right next to the Urgent Care Facility. It is not opened yet, but I was there yesterday and they say they are a bit behind schedule and will open next week. Check out the prices on the board…99 cents for a cup of coffee!! The prices are great and wireless is free. There is a real cozy
    feeling with candles and lamps on every table, and a sofa and rocking chair.

  10. Cathy


  11. Michelle

    I went to Java Co and its the best! The service was amazing and the coffee tasted better than Starbucks. I wish they were on every corner.