I’ve met a few people recently who haven’t visited many coffee shops in their local area (whether that’s Phoenix, Tucson, or Northern Arizona. It’s especially surprising when they have a huge interest in coffee, or even work in the industry!

There are so many good shops around our state, and if you haven’t been to many, then you should visit a few.

For starters, here’s a basic list of some of the key places you should visit:

I’m probably missing some great places, but that’s a good starting list.

What coffee shops would be on your must-visit list for Phoenix? What about coffee shops in Tucson and Flagstaff?

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  1. Have you been to the new Lola in the Yard on 7th st around Bethany Home? It’s a pretty nice place, especially since there are no other options in Uptown Phoenix.

  2. You know, I haven’t been there! I’ll try to head over there soon.

  3. I was just at The Yard for happy hour a couple weeks ago and didn’t even know there was a Lola there.

    My most visited places around town include: Lola on Roosevelt, Lux, Copper Star in Melrose, and Crepe Bar in Tempe. The new Royal that opened just north of ASU is pretty great, too.

  4. Ryan,

    It’s in the same building, but on the South side of the complex.