Wi-Fi News reports that a Seattle based coffee shop turns its wireless internet connection off on weekends. Apparently the owners felt to many people brought laptops in and didn’t buy anything, stayed for the entire day, and didn’t socialize with the other patrons. Here’s a link to the article.

My question for you:
If you frequent coffee shops how do you feel about laptop users?
Double points if you work at a coffee house and can comment from that perspective.

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  1. Shelby

    well, I work at a coffee shop in a very small town in Iowa and usually the lap top users we have are there to do there work and use the free internet access but it has never bothered me.
    Now, here in AZ when I go to the coffee houses I still don’t see any problems with the laptop users. I mean they aren’t doing anything to me. heh

  2. I own Papa’s Perks Coffee Roasters and we offer free wireless. Often we will have people come in and use the wireless and not make a purchase but the reality is they add to the ambiance by just being there in most cases. The fact is that people what to go where people are at and where “stuff” is happening. To me, these people add that value for our shops. Of course, I do like them to buy stuff too 🙂


  3. Ken

    My wife and I own RoadRunner Espresso in Payson. We offer free WiFi to CUSTOMERS, and only customers. I will also turn it off if someone is sitting in here and hasnt purchased a drink. There is no reason that my regulare customers should have to pay for a deadbeat. So remember this saying “HIT THE ROAD”….”THANKS FOR COMMING”