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  1. Did that picture turn out right? $34 for independent music? They’d better have one heck of a pyrotechnics show.

  2. I had to Google him to figure out who he was.

  3. Anne

    Colin Hay is one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. Great songwriter & friggin’ hilarious.

  4. Austin

    Colin Hay is from Men at Work. And he has made quite a name for himself as a “indie” artist. $34 might be a lot but in an atmosphere as small as that for an artist like him would be quite good.

    He is featured in the “Garden State” soundtrack which brought a lot of other quasi indie artists like the Shins and Imogen Heap some great publicity. We play quite a bit of Colin Hay at vida. (though not live unfortunately)

  5. dave

    anne was right!!!! colin was one of the best live shows i’ve seen!!! he engaged the audience imediately and did not release them until he walked off the stage. the music and his distinctive voice were incredible!!!

    “the camp” was listed as one of the BEST small venues in the valley… only seats 225…..stage is under a big tree and there is a campfire! michelle shocked is perfroming this weekend!!!