I’m considering adding Facebook Comments here on Arizona Coffee. By doing that, readers would be able to leave a comment here on the site without needing to enter a name, email, and optional web site address.

Before doing that, I wanted to find out what you think? You as a reader will still have a choice in the matter (I’ll keep the commenting system, in addition to Facebook commenting), and when you leave a comment here on the site it wouldn’t appear on Facebook (unless you chose to do that).


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  1. Pros of FB comments:

    — Saves a lot of users the trouble of logging in.
    — Uses what has become the Web’s de facto passport.
    — Reduces anonymous & pseudononymous comments.

    Cons of FB comments:

    — Depending on the user’s privacy settings, FB may list an affiliation that incorrectly suggests the commenter is speaking for his or her employer or school.
    — Facebook avoiders may be left out of the conversation.

    I think the important point is that you are proposing this new option without eliminating the current way of leaving comments. That will help you realize the benefits and minimize the pitfalls of the FB system.

  2. Some good thoughts – David. I can definitely appreciate that FB lists an affiliation (whatever the person enters as a job on FB). Could be interesting.

    I definitely think it’s vital to provide an alternate commenting solution for people who do not have or want Facebook.