What do you all think about this product idea? The Tiro one-shot espresso machine. Looks interesting, and the video is well done.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Psyd

    Pretty much already own that, although in a slightly less sleek form factor.
    Mypressi, PeDe Handgrinder, a propane stove, and a kettle, adn I’m pulling shots in a desert, forest, moving vehicle, parking lot, you name it.
    Add the steam kettle, and I can make a capp in the same circumstances. Toss in the DeWalt, and it’s like having a portable electric grinder.
    The entire kit is around three hundred bucks, and it’ll hold it’s own against a WBC tuned LaMarzocco FB-80.
    I wish I could post pictures!

  2. I’m trying to get a visual on that Psyd. Pictures or a vid would be really cool. The only part that’s freaking me out a little is the DeWalt (I’m having a hard time with exactly which piece of DeWalt you have in mind). I do not doubt you about your apparatus holding its own against an FB80.