So by now most of you have probably heard the story of the Chicago police officer who was suspended because she demanded free coffee at Starbucks.

You can read the article here:,0,6874669.story

It brings up a question: Should coffee shops give free or discounted coffee drinks to cops and firefighters? If you run a coffee house, do you?

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  1. Nope we don’t. Vida e Caffe is right across the street from the police station and fire station. Directly across. The regulars get their regular discounts. The occasional free drinks and stuff like that. They don’t get any special treatment but we do try to treat them well. It certainly never hurts to have a cop on your side.

  2. phaedrus

    As public servants, cops and fire fighters should refuse any free gifts (even as minor as a cup of coffee). Even something as minor as coffee can sway behavior and responsiveness, even if unintentionally.

  3. Sean

    We give a military, fire and police discount. After hearing about all of the crap and and crazy things that police officers see on a daily basis its very easy for us to offer the discount as a small way of saying thanks. The avondale police (we are in goodyear) chief claims he’ll fire any of his cops taking a discount. So the avondale cops that come in off duty politely refuse the discount.

  4. When I was with Oregano’s, anybody in uniform (PD, FD, Military, etc.) would get a 20% discount, just as our way of saying thank you. Some municipalities took better advantage of it, others not. Phoenix Fire and Phoenix Police were VERY adamant about not accepting any kind of discount, and I have seen that to be true at Copper Star.

    That being said, I do overstamp their punch cards without telling them!

  5. Mike

    Well then I will ask that the cops have their salary reduced and that we all pay less taxes as a result. (Fat chance of that happening) Coffee houses are in business to make money. Also, I want the lower price too for that same cup of coffee when I know you give the cops a discount.

  6. MikeFTrevino

    The vein gave uniformed police free coffee. (if they were out of uniform you pay just like everyone else) It’s not like we had a line out the door of police, so it never hurt us. It may have helped us in a few occasions. Sorry, but being in business and making friends with the local police is just damn good policy.

  7. Jillian

    Lemmings and followers!

  8. Todd

    You know – I admire people who serve the public. I really do. Cops, firefighters, soldiers, etc. My brother is a firefighter and my father in law is a volunteer medic. I just don’t think it is right to give them something for free just because of their job. It is too easy for something like that to get out of hand.

  9. When I was a cop, I always put the money in the tip jar if they offered it to me for free. OTOH, if they cop is comfortable coming to your shop for coffee, well, there is a cop at your shop regularly. Keeps the opportunistic criminals wary.
    Of course, the best way to show your support is to show up at a fire with a carton of joe, or bring a cup to the traffic cop out in the cold… not that that happens here too often.
    It’s a fine line. If the cops are coming to your shop anyway, it’s nice to show that you appreciate it.

  10. I agree that public servants should probably refuse any sort of free gifts.