coffee tempeLongtime valley coffee roaster Ron Cortez is announcing the grand opening of his new coffee bar and market at Cortez Coffee.

They’re opening on April 14th with an event this Saturday, April 14th. Click here for driving directions.

Hours are 8 am – 7 pm daily, Monday through Saturday.

They have a barista for the evenings that is a DJ, and this Saturday will be featuring guest baristas. Each Saturday, they are offering coffee classes (green, roasting or coffee brewing), and you can call for reservations.

Cortez Coffee Company sent along the following information:

Coffee nerds beware! After almost 2 decades of roasting coffee for some of the best local coffee shops, Tempe-based coffee roaster Cortez Coffee is finally opening its doors to the public with the debut of their new coffeebar and coffee market. This Saturday, April 14th, will be the grand opening of the new face of the Cortez Coffee Company, by flaunting their unhealthy obsession for all things coffee.

Come down to the shop to sample one or a dozen of the 19+ single origin coffee selections Cortez roasts on a daily basis, check out the frankenstein’d espresso machine at the front bar offering the most ground breaking unlisted menu of coffee drinks in the Phoenix area, heck… the world even!

If you’re drinkin’ what they’re pourin’ make sure to pick up a bag of whole bean coffee to go, or if you’re feeling the urge to cross over to the darkside of coffee, take home a bag of green coffee and a home roaster to start roasting your own joe.

The market will offer a huge selection of whole bean roasted coffee and for the first time in the history of awesome shopping experiences, a green coffee market with small batch roasting stations for you to create and roast your own coffee blends while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee by some of the most creative baristas in town.

Ron also sent a general invite to their weekly round table for coffee fans, and professionals. The event has been widely aclaimed by those who have attended.

To top it off, this roastery offers something that has only been accessible to the members of the legendary Friday night coffee rountable: access to cupping sessions of new coffee offerings, espresso machine pro-shop to purchase and service espresso home units, and roastery tours and classes to the curious few and the future infatuated.

Come see what the creative geniuses at Cortez Coffee are cooking up in their laboratory.

Cortez Coffee Market
1030 East Vista del Cerro
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: (480) 968 8333

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  1. austinmiles

    The directions link goes to Coffeyville, Kansas. Which is kind of awesome.

    It suggests the right location though.

  2. Austin – thanks, I updated the link. Not sure how that happened.

  3. Oh man, Ron. I’m glad to see the idea turned to reality. I’m probably going to show up a little bit later to this, but I didn’t see an end time for this event so I’ll be there to check out the late night crowd. See you guys there.

  4. Thank you to all of you that attended and enjoyed the work of all our talented baristas. Without you a coffee bar would have been an empty piece of furniture with an espresso machine in the corner, instead we had lots of wonderful noice for the flurry of visitors. We now know that this new venue is ready to educate consumers by the people that know coffee the most; our team of Master Roasters and Baristas. Once again thank you for making my dream become reality.