Ted Klimaszewski writes:

Cortez Coffee & Oscar’s Coffee Bar are joining forces this summer to beat the heat in the cool pines of Northern Arizona. It’s a big undertaking taking a roasting operation on the road. But a nice roaster, steamer and portable espresso machine bring a real coffee experience coupled with beans roasted on the spot. Ted has been training w/ Ron Cortez learning the art of roasting coffee.

Ron will be joining Ted and Maria at the 28th Annual Pine/Strawberry Arts & Crafts Fair July 4-6 with roasting on site, hot coffee in the morning and Iced drinks in the afternoon. It is a welcome change from the premixed ice coffees offered by the usual drink vendors.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Thank you for the post Chris. Once the temperature gets over the 100’s we find new ways to continue the coffee gospel. We are taking some rare coffee machines (including a roaster) and celebrating 4th of July roasting on location. The coffee that is going to be roasted is a Salvadorian Bourbon imported by Francisco Valdivieso and we also have a Panama Boquete both More Than Fair certified. We have discovered that there is no better way to understand the coffee process than seeing it with your own eyes. Pine-Strawberry is a little town 45 minutes N.E. past Fountain Hills on the beeline highway. I hope to see you guys there.
    Note: If you come by and mention Arizona-Coffee the coffee will be on me, but do not tell anybody.

  2. Kath Lewallen

    I visited Ted & Maria’s booth at the Pine Festival yesterday and enjoyed an awesome iced vanilla latte- great taste and great people! So glad they made the effort to come up to my area for the weekend. Wish we had coffee like that in Payson!