I reported on JavaCo earlier this week and I am disappointed. I tried two times to find it, and I can’t. I even went into the Wal-Mart indicated in the instructions… which were frankly poorly written, and filled with spelling mistakes. What’s up with that?

The instructions that the owner sent to me say that the coffee shop has free wifi, a cozy environment, blah blah blah. Who wants to lug their laptop and gear all the way through a Wal-Mart? I must say, I didn’t look through the entire Wal-Mart. It could have been in the back, but I couldn’t find it and the greeter didn’t know where it was… in fact, he pointed me to Starbucks.

I’ve emailed Mark Walker, the owner, and will let you know if I hear anything.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Todd Welfelt

    I had the same issue you did with trying to find this coffee shop last week. Since I am very familar with the area I figured it would be a snap to locate. Well, I finally did find the shop but the two times I stopped by this weekend the store still looked closed.

    To find it you have to leave the Wal-Mart lot to the road on the East of the lot. Head south and you will pass many little shops on your right (there is a Starbucks, Bellini’s, Game Stop, and an Urgent Care facility). Just before you get to the new NYPD pizza company you will see a large neon sign on the building that advertises the Mongolian Grill place that used to occupy the area the coffee shop is moving in to. There is (as of yesterday) a large white sign with red lettering that reads Java CO. Coming Soon….

    I haven’t left for lunch yet but I will swing by to see if the place is open yet. If it is I will post so here.

  2. Wow, I’m impressed. You found it. I looked all over there, even drove into the area where it was at, and I still couldn’t find it. What in the world are they thinking? Announcing the opening without any signage or even being open? Let me know what you think when they finally do open.

  3. Todd Welfelt

    I will leave a post of what my impressions are. I just drove by and their sign still says opening soon. I didn’t get out and try to go in, but I saw some cleaning stuff through the window. I think they are still not open yet. I will post when I see they are open.

    To clarify the directions – with your car facing the entrance to Wal-Mart turn right (you should be headed towards the Starbucks). When you get to the access road turn right again (you are headed south). On your left will be the building that Starbucks, Game Stop, ect are in. The next building has the Stat Clinic for Urgent Care. The Java CO shop in in that building. There is another store (I think) then the Java CO store, then a new pizza shop that is also not yet open (Regina Pizza) and the last store in that building is an Art & Frame shop. The sign for the Mongolian Grill is still up and right under that is the white sign that reads Java CO opening soon.

  4. Todd Welfelt

    Also – I just noticed an error on my original post. It read that you will pass many shops on your right, that is false. You will pass them on your LEFT if heading south. Sorry for any confusion

  5. Linda Lambert

    I visited there yesterday and it is right before Starbucks on the same side, next to the Urgent Care facility. They were not open and said they were delayed a bit and will probably open next week. It was homey and cozy with a sofa, rocking chair, lamps, candles, 2 televisions..etc. Check out the price board – 99 cent coffee!! They are having a sandwich bar as well, make your own.