Counter Culture Cafe is to return to Tempe after winning a business plan contest (I know, seriously?). They’ll get a free year of rent (on a 3 year lease). The Arizona Republic provided these details:

Counter Culture Café’s primary owner Andres Yuhnke had a successful Counter Culture Café located in central Phoenix that closed several years ago.

Yuhnke is also finalizing a lease, but the café could open adjacent MADCAP in a space formerly occupied by an Islands restaurant, according to Casaundra Brown of Downtown Tempe Community, Inc. or DTC.

Thanks to Jacki Shoyeb for the tip!

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  1. I know this story was posted a while ago, but I just wanted to say YAY!

    For those who never visited the old location, it had tons of personality, including a door to nowhere and a vine growing in through gaps in a small window. Art installations surpassed the “stuff hung on the wall” you usually see and it wasn’t unusual for the music to come straight off of vinyl. It was a popular spot for organizations to meet. The multiple rooms let people feel comfortable being animated and a bit loud when they’re having their Wicca meeting or just hanging out with a group of friends.

    I hope this proved a better location for them than a somewhat random Phoenix neighborhood. I also hope they can recapture the appeal the old location did have.