Seth Chadwick wrote in to share some coffee news… and before I get to that I wanted to point out two new links in the ‘local’ category on the sidebar. One of them is Feasting in Phoenix, which is Seth’s restaurant review site. We’re linking to each other to help share traffic. Definitely a must read.


Just a heads up on a couple of things:

1. It looks like Counter Culture Cafe is gone. Their website domain is up for sale and their phone line is tagged as no longer in service.

2. Unlimited Coffee at 7th Street and Glendale now has a website:

I hope that helps.
Best wishes,

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Ack, I can’t believe I didn’t catch that typo. Thanks Joe.

  2. Bear (Pierce)

    I was in Counter Culture one time back when they were still @ McDowell and 24th St.

    The place was ‘too’ 1960’s IMHO which would tend to scare off more mainstream folks including myself.

  3. Thanks for the shout, Chris. Sorry about the typo on the URL (at least I think it was my fault). Anyway, always willing to be of service. There is nothing more taxing than driving somewhere for a meal or coffee only to find the place closed.

    As a food blogger, I have that happen all the time. Annoying at best.

    Best wishes!