Just saw this article from a few weeks ago in the newspaper about an as yet unopened coffee and wine bar. This is an interesting story in that the owners of the building will be opening a coffee shop in Glendale.

Four years ago, Sciacca and his wife purchased the 2,400-square-foot historic building at Chicago Street and Arizona Avenue, knowing that the new Chandler City Hall would be opening across the street in 2010.

Can you believe that? Bought it 4 years ago! Lots of coffee shops operate on razor thin margins when just getting started. Not this one, I’m guessing. It also sounds like it will be a full blown restaurant and cafe. So, not exactly just a coffee shop.

“There’s a lot of cool tea places and coffeehouses in Taiwan where people just go and be. You don’t go and do,” Sciacca said. “Here, it seems like it’s always go-go-go, do-do-do.”

So true, but you can’t change American culture. Good luck with that.

He envisions the space as a place for people to stop by when coming to and from Gangplank, the entrepreneurial think tank and workspace nearby, or perhaps when visiting City Hall.

Arizona Coffee

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