craveCrave Espresso Bar in Tucson is closing its doors for the last time this weekend. Sunday, July 20th was their last day of business. While there is a chance that the shop may reopen, it sounds like a financial decision. The shop has only been open since March 2007.

Thanks to Chris Babbie “Psyd” for reporting this in the Member Forum.

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  1. hb

    I was in tucson this weekend and I was going to stop by but had change of plans. It’s sad that some shops are closing. Hopefully the owners can someday open another shop.

  2. RJD

    Speaking of Tucson… Does anyone remember back in the mid to late 1990’s, a coffee house and roastery called Planet Coffee? Also, their satellite espresso cart called “The Perfect Cup” in front of Ray’s Ranch Market (now a Whole Foods) at Ina & Oracle.

    They roasted their own coffee with an espresso blend recipe that came from their partners in Italy. Espresso blend was called “Milano Blend”. Good stuff. The owner had a true passion for coffee.

    Also, who remembers Angela’s espresso cart in front of the Smitty’s store on La Canada?

    Good times.

  3. MikeFTrevino

    Remember? How could I forget. Looking back on that experience I don’t even know how I roasted and served coffee at the same time like I did there. Yeah, I blame Frank and the Planet on my current obsession for good coffee. That Milano blend is still in my head somewhere.

  4. RJD

    Hi Mike. I am also a former student of ‘Master Frank’. He remains a very dear friend to this day. I miss that time. It’s hard for me to walk into a coffee shop and not think of him.

  5. RJD

    Mike, what is the coffee scene like in Tucson these days? What are some of your favorite places?

  6. Ah, Planet Coffee! It suddenly occurs to me, Trevino, where I klnow you from! PC used to be right on the way to any of the resorts, El Conquistador, Westweird Look, La Paloma, that golf place at the end of Swan, Tucson Country Club,or Ventana. If I had to get there in some ridiculously small single digit AM, I’d simply stop in on the way. It broke my heart to see that become a sandwich shop with no espresso….
    As I said on another comment, though, it seems as if Kim at Crave is looking for someone to take over the shop. Move in, and pay the monthly nut, and it’s all yours, or so goes the rumour. This is a pre-made shot for some barista to put his chops up…

  7. jinx

    I just drove past crave today on my way to work (ironically at epic) and it looked like it had reopened. I’ll probably stop by sometime later this week and have more info.

  8. Darin

    Crave has re-opened under new ownership. It seems the fellow who owns Safehouse, Aaron Triplett, came to the rescue.

  9. shannon

    Oh heck yeah we are open. The fellow who owns Safehouse did come to the rescue and so have baristas: Shannon, Korey, Jason & Zach. Additionally we sport the sultan of pastries, Nate. We are awesome. The menu has changed a bit…looks a little familiar to safehouse customers. What we offer is lots of beautiful clean space, funky fresh vibes and awesome coffee. You should check us out.

  10. Mike

    There is a sign on the window, “opening soon under new management.” Im excited! Anyone know the story here?