I received an email from Karen Richmond the other day after she discovered Arizona Coffee. She owns Cuppers Coffee House in Prescott. I’ve actually seen the establishment and didn’t have time to stop inside (but I did snap the above photo). She wrote in to tell me about the coffee house and sent along these photos. Cuppers is right next to The Rose Restaurant which is famous in Prescott.

I opened Cuppers 3 months ago and I’m impressed that you have me listed on your site. Cuppers is in an old home built in 1872 and customers have three rooms to choose from in which to sit. It’s casual, nice and everything is homemade in the house; muffins, brownies, cake (CupperCakes to be exact), cookies, etc. I have live entertainment Friday and Saturday nights.

Cuppers Coffee House (map)
226 S Cortez St
Prescott, AZ 86303

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Karen

    The espresso is a “secret” blend and has won awards in Arizona. It’s smooth, sweet and has chocolate undertones (women don’t realize that’s why they like it so much!). There are two house coffees that change day to day. They allow coffee drinkers to travel the world in their cups. For example, there might be a dark roast Brazilian next to a medium roast Mexican. Speaking of Mexican…Cuppers is already getting well known for their Mexican mochas (made with real Mexican chocolate)…and will be adding a Red Chili Mocha very soon. That adds a real kick to the espresso! You just have to experience it. 🙂

  2. Bob Winston

    Cuppers Coffee House in historic downtown Prescott, Az. is a great place to get an awesome cup of coffee, in a variety of different brewing formats. As well, the variety of teas they offer is a real treat for the tea connoisseur. I have been there a number of times and find it a very pleasant, enjoyable experience. The owner has done a great job in fixing up this historical treasure in the heart of Prescott. Give Cuppers a visit. I think you will enjoy it.

  3. Rich Hobgood

    My friends tell me the coffees are great but my favorite is the mixed mocha. Great job of bringing a historic house back to life and sharing it with the community and visitors!

  4. I live in Prescott Arizona, and my wife works at the spa next door. We go to Cuppers about once a week. They have some pretty decent chai there. If you go into one of the back rooms, they have a table that is made from an old door.

    Bottomline, the vibe is totally cool.


  5. I made it up to Prescott today and stopped in at Cuppers. Very impressed! I was struck immediatley by the clean and comfortable surroundings and tables full of happy customers. The attention to detail was obvious in the food and drink preparation and the service was top-notch.

    I met with Karen (owner) and her passion for quality coffee and espresso was undeniable. We talked coffee for a good, solid two hours, enjoyed a delicous French Pressed Mexican coffee and she introduced me to her staff.

    This is a “must visit”, great coffee, great people and well worth the trip!

  6. Hey Larry, that’s awesome! Now I’m excited to try it next time.

  7. Bonnie Robinson

    My daughter introduced me to cuppers. She is a Senior in HS and her and her friends all love to go to cuppers and enjoy various drinks and just study for tests or listen to what they tell me are the “guitar guys” on Friday evening. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a “hang out” for the local rowdy teens but it is a safe, comfortable, relaxed place they can go when they just want to study outside of the house or just sit and chat. I am so greatful as a mom that they have a place like this they can go to.

    I’ve also visited several times and found the drinks and food to be wonderful and if you want or need a chocolate rush you can’t do better then their double choc brownies.


  8. Millie Borowiak

    Gee! This really makes me want to try the Mexican Mocha! Your shop looks charming.

  9. So glad I checked out your site!!! Looks great, Karen… keep up the good work. We love you.

  10. benjamin sole

    Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks….

    …. go to cuppers, and find good food friends, and coffee.

    *** see you there! ***

  11. Jaime Sole

    Cuppers is amazing… all the employees are super nice and the espresso is to die for. It’s totally worth the loss of sleep! 🙂

    Besides, it feels nice to support my community and not corporate moneygrubbers that run companies that rhyme with tarbucks… anyway…

  12. Jen Eisgrau

    I visited Prescott back in January, and I still remember the amazing taste of the “hot” mocha (with chili powder!). Yum! I’m going back in August, and I plan to visit Cuppers again!

  13. Mike

    I am fromKansas City and just watched a guy in this coffee house playing the guitar,he could really jam does anybody know who this was it was on local 13 it is the 26 of sept between 7:30 and 8:00pm, I will have to get in and try the coffee!!! the reviews sound good!!!! Mike

  14. I started going to Cuppers a few weeks ago and am totally HOOKED! The “ay chihuahua” is the BOMB! The people are always friendly and there’s a wonderful energy to the entire establishment. A must stop while in Prescott.

  15. Vicky Silliphant

    I have a close friend living in Prescott Valley.
    Do you have Gift Cards or Certificates yet?


  16. Karen

    We here at Cuppers LOVE our great customers! And thanks to all of you, we just got voted #1 cup of coffee/coffeehouse in the Prescott area! In response to your questions — I believe the guitar player you might be referring to is Shaun-Paul. That’s the only name we know him by! And yes, we definitely have gift certificates…just ask at the counter. I’m glad you like the spicy drinks — if you don’t want the espresso, we also make a cayenne hot chocolate…as spicy as you can handle. 🙂 Thanks again everyone! Karen (the chick that owns the joint)

  17. Bob Winston

    I miss Cuppers Coffee House. Was a daily customer but have moved to Montana for work related matters. Haven’t found any coffee houses in my area that come close to Cuppers. No doubt I will simply have to move back to beautiful Prescott and become a daily customer once again!!

  18. Auntie Ali

    WOW! WAY TO GO KAREN! Nice to have your dreams come true, isn’t it! People are great and so are YOU!

    Love, Auntie Ali

  19. Salli Maxwell

    Crazy-psychic happenings at Cuppers. I got my tarot cards done, and on top of some exciting happenings in my near future, it turns out that I helped discover oxygen and chlorine in the 1700’s! And if that wasn’t far out enough, I merely spoke out loud that I was interested in brushing up my Italian with someone who posted on the bulletin board about getting a group together. And EVEN THOUGH I DIDN’T LEAVE MY PHONE NUMBER, SOMEONE CALLED ME about it. That’s some serious connectivity.

  20. Amanda C.

    I love going to Cuppers for breakfast, they have the best skinny pancakes. Great place, love it!

  21. Greta Varish

    Loved the atmosphere, the skinny pancakes and of course the coffee. Lots of good vibes, great staff. Good conversation with friends. We really needed a good coffee house in Prescott. Good job!!

  22. Marina

    Cuppers has an awesome hangout vibe and an awesome variety of mochas. Most of the mochas are a little too sweet, but whatever. The couches keep me coming back. Plus, affordable sandwiches.

  23. Nicole

    Cuppers has the best coffee and baked goodies in Prescott. I recommend them very highly. They have great events and all of the food that I have tried on the menu is fabulous!

  24. I’m sitting here right now enjoying a delicious Mayan Chocolate Mocha that has the perfect mix of kick, chocolate, and coffee taste. I’ve walked past this place at least a dozen times during my hikes through town. SO glad my wife came here and told me about it. I finally found my ‘home’ coffee house! 🙂 Great vibe + great people + great coffee + free wi-fi = PERFECTION!

  25. Cupper’s has great coffee and excellent food. The staff is polite and has never failed to accomodate late patrons when they arrive on their porch for a late dinner and coffee. I often come to Prescott on jobs and the staff fixes to go lunches that are wonderful.

  26. Claudia H

    My husband and I were in Prescott visiting parents and we stopped in Cupper’s to have some coffee and use the free wifi. While there we mistakenly unplugged their cordless telephone
    and plugged in our computer. We did not realize that we caused a problem and when a clerk discovered it she came and informed us of our mistake. We apologized and immediate
    remedied the problem. Minutes later, the owner cam storming out to publicly humiliate and scold us in the midst of a crowded room. We apologized AGAIN but she was insistent on
    reprimanding us. We were so shocked by her behavior that we sat there and took the verbal abuse. Needless to say we left her establishment quickly. I know the loss of our business is of
    no consequence to the owner but perhaps the loss of YOUR business will be of consequence. If she treated us this way, a couple in their 50s, imagine how she will treat you. Take your
    business to Roasters on Gurley

  27. I do have to say that unplugging anything in a commercial environment, without asking, is not only rude, but foolish. And doing so to plug in your laptop sound a bit presumptuous. From your description, I’d suggest that you just got the brunt of all of the other times someone just felt that they were far to important to be inconvenienced manners or consideration of the property of others.

    Imagine if a guest came into your house and unplugged devices that you were using for his own device, without asking permission. Now, imagine that you weren’t particularly close to that guest, and that you hadn’t invited him.
    Chalk it up to a lesson learned. If you’d come to one of my shows and done that, I’d have been far, far less polite.

  28. In regards to the couple that unplugged my business phone.

    First, thank you Psyd, for your logical understanding of the enormity of this situation.

    This couple had to MOVE the COUCH to get to this outlet behind it!

    Then they blatantly IGNORED my SIGN covering the outlet stating not to disconnect my phone!

    Then when I asked them about reading my sign and unplugging my business phone, THEY LIED to me!!

    This is my business phone!! We run credit cards over this line and take pick-up orders. They were interfering with my business!

    Frankly, I am completely at peace for not having these lying, self-serving people return! We only have FABULOUS customers at Cuppers!

    By the way, as Psyd perceived very well, I’ve had this issue before. I’ve had people unplug my freezer (and it all thawed), as well as unplug the wireless router, in addition to the phone — all for their own purposes!!!

    Coffee house customers need to not unplug a business’ equipment! What ever establishment they visit.

  29. I apologize for my outburst above. Cuppers’ customers are overall fantastic. But an odd one like this really amazes me.

    Thank you to everyone that enjoys Cuppers! We really appreciate you!

  30. B L Alley

    Best Staff? Best anything? That’s hard to believe. We finally decided to try Cuppers, and are sorry we did.

    The building is in such bad shape it should be condemned. As an electrician, I can tell you this place is a fire waiting to happen, and poor exits. Avoid it.

    I knew we were in trouble when we ordered the supposedly famous skinny pancakes, and the order taker looked disappointed. Ordered a dirty chai, and a regular coffee. Had to search for the poor selection of creams and sweeteners, since no one offered that information.

    So we get our drinks, sit down, and await our pancakes. …and wait…

    and wait

    After about 25 minutes, someone comes out to explain something about the equipment not working, and our pancakes on the floor.

    Add another 15 minutes. I try to complain, but end up getting our food finally because no one would acknowledge my existence before then.

    Since we waited 40 minutes for our food, my coffee was cold, yet when I asked if I could get a fresh one that’s hot, the counter lady looked at me like I was crazy. I honestly don’t think I should have to pay for a refill anyway, but certainly not because we waited so long to get our food. (coffee is a few cents worth of bean mixed with mostly water, so charging for refills is pretty lousy anyway)

    She finally dumped my cup and handed it back to me with a nasty tone and attitude, so I refilled my cup and went back to our table.

    How the hell can we wait so long for paper thin pancakes, and have them still be undercooked? Gross.

    We are sorry we ever went to Cuppers

    Oh, and when I complained later in writing, they told me not to come back. No apology, or attempt to even pretend to be sorry we had a bad experience.

  31. B L Alley

    You don’t tell customer who has a bad experience not to come back. Period.