Gianni Assam of Open Source Project (OSP) sent over the following information (download PDF) about some upcoming cuppings.

open source project tempe

The purpose of the cuppings are to introduce people to the method of traditional cupping and help them become familiar with tasting coffee. We will hold these cuppings every friday starting June 3rd and will run two sessions a day, one at 10am and one at 5pm. It is limited to 6 people per group so that the participants can be more engaged. Its costs 5 dollars to pay for supplies, and if you are new to cupping then we will hold an instructional on how to cup and the purposes of cupping from different perspectives 15 min before we start.

Open Source Project
1415 E University Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281
Twitter: @OSPTempe

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Gonz,

    Let me know if you need any coffee for the cuppings. I would love to donate a couple pounds.

  2. Gonz

    Yo Tom yea that would be great I’ll call you tmrw.. Same # right?

  3. Gonz

    I’m hoping to get any other shops to donate, if so contact me at 480-619-0466

  4. I’m in Gonz…..Press-ing forward…drop me a line…Steve

  5. we’ve talked a bit in the past – still happy to donate and help out! Too bad I missed the first one, but Coffee Fest was awesome! Hope it went well, and I’ll catch a later one. 🙂

  6. Jason

    Hey let me know if you want some Intelli for a round.

  7. Hello Gianni, In reading a previous post you made about organic coffee production I wanted to make contact with you. We are a USDA certified roastery here in Arizona. If you are interested in us sending you some samples please contact me. We are certified organic through CCOF.