My friend Kent recently took his girlfriend to one of those pottery places where you can paint pottery. They each painted a coffee mug and I took some photos of the cups. Cool idea for an afternoon. I’m thinking about making a custom cup sometime.



Arizona Coffee

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  1. This DOES seem like fun! Also, I wanted to call out a great coffee shop I visit, Coffee Connection on McQueen and Pecos. The staff is really friendly, they make a great cup of joe. On my first visit they asked me 10 questions about what I like in my cup of coffee and made a suggestion afterwards.

  2. That’s pretty cool.

    I have a custom made cup (not just paint.. custom made) and a matching one for my g/f that I got off the GCBC.

    What sort of paint do they use? I’d like to give it a go.

  3. There’s a place in downtown Chandler called Mind over Splatter that offers a similar service. I tried painting a tile and must say that it’s not easy at first, so I must commend Kent and his GF for the awesome job they did on their mugs!

  4. steve kessler

    My wife made me one once. It was awesome to drink from. Sadly, it was broken and beyond repair. Man I miss that mug.

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  6. roger faculak

    Where can I find mugs with painted mountain ski scenes?