I heard about a useful business practice at Caribou Coffee. Everyone talked about good service, but everyone had a different idea about what it meant. To solve the problem, Caribou took video footage of exemplary service and distributed it to all their baristas.

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  1. The JACKSON COFFEE CO. gave me the best service I have ever had at a coffee house. The entire staff greated me when I entered, talked with me about my day while making my drink, said goodbye, encouraged me to tour their 2 floors, and gave me the best Latte’ I have ever had. Probably the best place in Jackson Michigan

  2. Brian

    The Jackson Coffee Co. does have great coffee. Didn’t notice the service as much as I did the great latte I got. Also, the place is super cool. Really, really nice inside. I was there on a Friday night for the entertainment, and the place as packed. Must have been 90 people on the 2nd floor just digging the music. Great place. Can’t wait to go back once I get back to the downtown area. It’s awesome.

  3. Jack

    Jackson Coffee CO. rocks Jackson Michigan. Voted BEST coffee house in Jackson, and they deserved it. They roast in house, which is super fresh stuff. Keep on brewing the good stuff. Life’s too short to drink bad coffee.