Queen Creek residents are set to get their own gem of a coffee shop. Scheduled to open in November, Daily Buzz Coffeehouse will be a great place to go for coffee, food, and to hang out.

Daily Buzz Coffeehouse is the brainchild of Bill McCauley, who is also the owner of Red Rock Foods.

Since this is new construction, they had the chance to design everything themselves. Which allowed them to create some interesting “pockets” in the building. A good example is the dedicated area for surfing the web. Plenty of power outlets, wifi and even televisions built into the wall at eye level.

Then there is the fabulous 16 ft sliding door that brings the inside atmosphere outside to the patio. With fall weather fast approaching, this will be a great place to hang out with friends.

On Friday I had a chance to visit the job site, and get a tour. It’s definitely going to be a very cool place. A video of the building is below.

Daily Buzz will be serving Zoka coffee and plans to have a full lunch and dinner menu (although not immediately).

Daily Buzz Coffeehouse
Website: www.dailybuzz.com
22721 S Ellsworth Rd
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

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  1. with a door that big will flies be an issue?

  2. I don’t think so. I’ve never seen a fly needing a door that big. Frankly, I hope I never do.

    Seriously–we will monitor the fly situation carefully and have some thoughts in case fly control becomes an issue.

    Also, we’re going to offer two espressos: Malabar Gold from Josuma Coffee and Paladino from Zoka. We’re very excited to get things moving. This has been a long time in coming together.

  3. Austin

    I am excited. I rarely go down to queen creek, but maybe I’ll have to make a visit. Give me an excuse to visit the friends i have down there.

  4. Pierce/Bear

    What amazes me is that ‘out of the way’ Queen Creek can evidently support TWO indie coffeehouses!

  5. Knowing Bill things will be very well done. I know that he has though of everything. Coffee is an amazing industry and support a coffee house right next to another one and if the sum of all things is a positive one (ambience, perception of quality, product quality, ergono-demographics etc.) people will come and come back. Congatulations Bill.

  6. Jeremy

    I drove by the corner tonight in hopes that it was up and running because I saw the sign. Obviously I’m either blind or it is not. I am/was curious however if you are hiring or beginning to hire for the new location? Email me privately because I am definitely interested.

  7. Beth

    I dont quite understand why a “local” company wouldnt use a local coffee roaster. Why use something from Seattle when there are so many great coffee roasters here in the valley? Seems a little strange for someone that puts so much into the “local scene”…..