One of my favorite hole in the wall coffee bars in Phoenix is Demi Coffee. It’s a hip, slow-paced coffee joint with excellent espresso drinks.

Demi Coffee is named after Demi Moore, the actress, and true to the name they’ve plastered a photo of Demi on their web site, and on signage they’ve placed outside by the street.

Demi Coffee is located in the The Hive, on the corner of 16th street and Cypress, in Phoenix. Their summer hours are 7 am – 2 pm everyday.

You may have heard or visited this coffee house before, when it was called Mud Dauber Coffee, and owned and managed by Lo Fi Coffee (out of Mesa). Sam from Lo Fi sold the location to the current owner a few months ago. Demi Coffee continues to serve beans from Lo Fi Coffee and Xanadu, as before at Mud Dauber.


Here’s a photo of my cappuccino.


One of the signs in front of the building.


A close up shot of a pour over.


Here’s the Demi Coffee sign photo – captured this with my iPhone using the HDR option, which explains the blue sky.


An iced toddy from Demi Coffee.

So, if you happen to be driving near 16th St., be sure to stop in and say hi to the nice folks running Demi Coffee, and enjoy your visit.

Demi Coffee
2222 N. 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: (602) 513-9953

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