Hi Chris,

Attached is a pic of latte art here at Desert Rain. Just an update after having been open for 8 months here at the Northwest Medical center in Oro Valley. Things are going well and we are competing with big green Starbucks down the street!

We are open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm. closed Sat and open Sun. 8am-12pm. If anyone is coming down from the Phoenix area on a Saturday, I can meet them at my shop and they can try out my La Victoria lever machine! Call me at 520-297-0246 after 4 pm. Thanks!!!

John Hall
Desert Rain Coffee
Oro Valley (north Tucson)

Thank you for writing, John! That’s great news that things are going well for you. Great photo an thank you for sharing!

Previous coverage of Desert Rain is here.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I’m wondering if Arizona latte art should look more cactus-like. I think I could swing it…
    By the way, nice steaming John!

  2. lilotaku

    Nice! i got an appointment next week @nw hospital. I’ll definitaly stop in and try out the goods.

  3. Luc

    Really nice achievement, way to go!!!

  4. sharon

    I pass popular coffee bars to get to the best barista in the area–Desert Rain in Oro Valley. A real treat!

  5. Rose Hernandez

    When walkink into the hospital, the wonderful aroma of coffee is overwhelming, and very tasteful. Better than starbucks!!