Press Coffee (in North Phoenix) has just introduced their new espresso blend called Dethstaar. It goes on sale officially today.

I had a chance to taste test it last week, and give it two thumbs up. The blend contains Ethiopia Sidama Natural Process (Full Natural), Kenya AA-Mbegu Tamu, and Costa Rica Tarrazu.

Tom Maegdlin, the creator of the blend, describes the taste like this:

Aroma: Ripe oranges and blueberry, deep dark chocolate.
Post h20: Lingering citrus and red wine.
Flavor: deep orange and strawberry, cardamom and bitter-sweet chocolate.

Press Coffee Food Wine
5410 E. High St.
Suite 115
Phoenix, AZ 85054
Phone: (480) 419-6221
Twitter: @presscoffee

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Thanks for the post Chris. The second part of the description is “post h2o” in the cupping process. I did a basic aroma, “post water” and flavor analysis.

  2. Great to see you up at the cupping on Friday Chris!

    The second part of the description is acutally the “post h20” portion of the cupping process. Just thought I would say something before someone had a “Huh?” moment.

  3. Gino

    The initial (dry coffee grounds) is the fragrance, or dry fragrance. After the crust is broken, comes the Aroma.

  4. You’re correct. The descriptions Chris posted were from an email I sent him a long while back and were not in any format. They sync with the SCAA cupping process but don’t use the phrasing. Sorry for any confusion.

  5. Randy

    I like to refer the breaking the crust as ‘the payoff’ lol. It’s my all time favorite part of cupping. Being designed as an espresso, I wonder if maybe you should include your thoughts on how it tastes as espresso, i.e. body and aftertaste?

  6. @ Randy….love the “the payoff” phrase!!! I’m going to go out on the edge here and say……stop by Press and taste the Dethstaar….well worth your time and mention AZ Coffee……!!

  7. Agreed Randy, the crust is the frosting on the cake. The nice thing that I found through the evolution of this blend is that no matter how I tweak the roasting profiles and play with %, It doesn’t lose that really nice orange-tart strawberry from the natural Sidama. The body is great after some fine tuning. Nice and mouth coating without becoming syrup like. The aftertaste is my favorite part. Nice cranberry/pepper that lingers.

  8. Randy

    Fair enough Steve lol. I will the next time I’m in the area.

  9. We had a sample droped by Tom on Monday. We had a lot of people stop by and sample it. Dethstaar is a hit. You can stop by and sample it also if you are in the Tempe area. Send me an e-mail so I can fire up the espresso machine.

  10. Chris

    The kids at Avenue dropped some samples of stuff on me in exchange for letting them play with my new mypressi Twist, but I’m still looking forward to tasting the Dethstaar. Someone lemme know when some hits Tucson again.

  11. Hey Chris…thanks for the post!!! Can never thank you enough!

  12. Psyd

    Odd, my real name showed up instead of my online pen name (at one time there were just too many danged Chrises here to make sense of anything), but to clear things up, that last one was me, ‘The Other Tucson Chris’.