A client emailed me a link to a discussion going on over at Serious Eats asking “What are your coffee shop expectations?” and I thought I’d propose that question here on Arizona Coffee.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Yes. Let us know what you want. Maybe one of us will build it or point us there.
    I particularly want simple coffee that is good and strong (about 3.5 ounces of coffee per 2.5 litres of water) and consistent. Good water and really fresh beans that are not over roasted. I like coffee that is identified by estate and roasting degree that is identified by number not by a subjective description like aunt sallys dark. I will probably put milk that is mildly warm (about 160 F) and I will like to drink that coffee in a place were you notice that people are happy. That is my cup of coffee

  2. Mike

    Quiet (not library, but not so noisy I can’t think). Comfortable seating. Good coffee (not overroasted), snacks that aren’t complete crap (with options for people with wheat/corn allergies). And a decent wifi connection.

  3. Todd

    I look for three things:
    good product (coffee, snacks, tea, whatever)
    friendly people
    comfortable seating

    If I can’t get them at a coffee shop, I’ll simply have my coffee at home and save myself the money.

  4. Friendly staff. That’s it. The rest is a matter of taste.

  5. In order of importance-
    1) Good coffee.
    2) A place to sit with table space or a coffee table.
    3) Baked goods with no more than a one-day shelf life.
    and then if I’m lucky-
    4) organic ingredients
    5) non top-40 music
    6) good service

  6. Great coffee.
    Comfortable seating if i am relaxing, good workspace if i am working.
    Good wifi.
    Ambient music – so often its too loud, I just want it to serve as white noise so that I can’t hear the other peoples’ conversations also not pop generic music.
    Friendly staff. I like to visit coffee shops to be around people. If it’s slow then i like to chat to the barista.

  7. Mary Clark

    I insist… I miss INZA so much!
    They had most of those in one place!
    (Great Coffee, Friendly Staff and Spectacular Music)

  8. 1) Barista’s that know what their doing!!!!!!
    (doesn’t matter how great the coffee is, a bad barista can/will ruin it)
    2) Great, fresh coffee
    4) a picture of Mitch and Victor on the wall!

  9. Well, you can put Mitch’s picture on the wall. Put mine up there and they might find me.

  10. Mitch

    I think that everyone is on the right track with what is or makes a good coffee shop. Although some would argue that pictures of me will make it or break it, I have to say my favorite thing are:
    1. A talented/attentive staff!!!(very very important)
    2. An emphasis on freshness, especially with the coffee
    3. A comfortable atmosphere with plenty of seating

    That’s about it for me, I’m easy… All I want is to be served good tasting coffee so I can justify my habit.

  11. 1.5 to 1.75 ounces at 25 to 30 seconds from 14 to 18 g of freshly (like, just now) ground good coffee from a roaster that someone there will recognise by name, if no his face, and milk steamed by hand (and not set down and walked away from) the steam wand clean, the PF and basket clean, and everyone involved in the coffee making process has a working knowledge of (and permission for) grinder adjustment.