There is a new restaurant / grocery store in Scottsdale called Dish. They have an interesting tagline: “A food experience.” Most of the time when my food is an experience, that’s a bad thing.

But alas I didn’t try the food. I went to try the coffee because they have a dedicated coffee bar inside the store. Before I got to that though, I decided to walk around and see what else they have. I noticed a sandwich bar (I’ve been meaning to give it a try), a sushi/fish area, a bakery and plenty of meats in the deli. The food looks awesome.

Then I made my way over to the coffee area. I decided to order a latte straight up. They didn’t have any porcelain cups so I had to settle for a paper cup. Honestly, that bugs me. What kind of a coffee shop doesn’t have real cups?


They have a trendy digital menu.


Notice how the countertop is 90% covered with stuff for sale? Why is that? Lots of places do this and it really adds to the clutter.


My latte was average. The foam wasn’t done right, but I rather expected what I received because they don’t have a professional barista. I didn’t even finish my latte. I feel like giving Dish a second visit, but my standards are fairly high when it comes to lattes and so if I return, I’ll probably try an iced coffee… something I can “fix” to a certain extent by adding cream and sugar.

8977 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Phone: (480) 584-6190

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  1. Chris Tingom: drinking bad coffee, so you don’t have to.

    Two things: covering the counter with stuff for sale is probably a similar concept to the grocery store impulse zone. Xylitol gum, anyone? I agree that it just creates clutter.

    The other thing: I can’t even get a decent mocha from SBucks anymore, so my one and only coffee order is going to be drip. So if I make it into Dish, that’s what I’ll be ordering.

  2. The latte is embarassing! The impulse purchase idea works very well, but use jars with biscotti and cookie…not the mess they have going on. Ok, so I didn’t hold back. 😉

  3. The coffee is not very good, indeed but the french toast for breakfast is splendid. It’s too bad they don’t open until 9am. This could be a great place, the concept needs to be refined and the coffee improved.

  4. Dish RIP.

    Dish had great sandwiches and great salads (coffee not so much). My coworker and I visited there weekly and had an eerie feeling of seeing a lot of overhead/overstock of knick-knacks that would sit on the shelf for years.