What is proper etiquette for coffee shop tipping? Do you tip?

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  1. Stephen

    As a barista, I enjoy what I do and don’t consider it a job TOO much. So, in my opinion, I’d much rather have a steady stream of customers who make my life that much easier than someone who feels that they own the place just because they dropped a dollar in the tip jar.

    However, the tips are nice and make it easier to make a living as a barista. That being said, I’d prefer the tip to come AFTER they’ve completely finished or at least tried the drink because it means that the drink was actually tipworthy. The majority of people EXPECT (can’t blame them) to be good and automatically tip on that assumption. Shows trust and customer loyalty, but quality can differ from shop to shop and even barista to barista.

    Personally, when I tip, it’s a combination of the both. I’ll drop my change in the jar automatically and after I finish my drink, if it’s up to par/the barista went out of their way/etc., I’ll go back up to the bar, thank the barista, and tip on the basis of the drink.

    /My two cents.

  2. Pierce

    I typically leave about 20%

    Having been on ‘both sides’ of the counter; as it were, I understand 🙂

  3. I never expect to be tipped unless it’s deserved. That having been said, I don’t usually end up tipping here in LBK.

    When I do, it’s usually to a Mermaid who really did try, even if they don’t know. “E for Effort”, as it were.

  4. I automatically tip…unless the server is downright rude…I was on the other side of the counter for way too many years not to…and barista tips are just one of those things…20% , even 40%…50%…on a beverage???….its just like a glass of good wine….or a good beer…its gourmet…and its worth it! you pay for the item…you tip for the experience!

  5. i guess if i ever really looked at what i’m tipping, i’m tipping quite a bit: at least a dollar bill plus the loose change. i hate loose change in my pocket. so if i buy a $3.42 latte or americano, i’d leave the rest in the jar.

  6. Porkchop

    Tip for coffee,usually $1, I even leave $2 in hotel rooms for the housekeepers. But that’s me. It’s not much but it’s something.