That’s what the photographer said to me a moment ago. So I’m doing my thing and posting a blog!

Update: Photographer left. I think he took 500 photos. Lux is REALLY the happening place at 8 am. They have a bunch of old records and they’re playing 80s techno music. This is where all of the cool people hang, apparently.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I drove up Central looking for Lux this morning, but didn’t see it. Next time I’ll make sure to write down the address.

  2. Hey Brian, yeah… It’s hard to find the first time… It’s between Indian School and Camelback on the west side. They need a bigger sign. If you need an extra shot of “cool” to boost your morning. This is apparently where you go.

  3. hb2

    I woke up late… Dammmm
    Next time

  4. Todd

    Cool Chris! Let us know when your mug is in print!!

  5. Well, nuts. I forgot all about the Lux thing this morning. Had every intention of being there, with Millikan, to join the fun.

    How sad that 100% of the cool people in Phoenix fit in to so small a space…


  6. The rest are all chillin in Globe. Awesome about the news though. See you tonight however at CP

  7. Oh well, I need to soak up more “cool” so I’ll do it again. Especially with the mornings being so nice.

    See you tonight, Austin!

  8. Phillip

    I live in North Phoenix but drink at Lux every chance I get. The coffee is just a wonderful treat, the taste, the smoothness. It is a great coffee.. The artsy, hip, cool scene I can do without. I never understood why art and coffee go together, hell coffee and iron workers go together better in my mind.. Well all I can say is if you are near Lux stop and drink you won’t regret it..