Do you consider price when considering a visit to a coffee shop?

What would you say is the average amount that you spend when you visit a coffee shop? I realize it matters what you order and what size, but overall I would say the price range in Arizona is fairly even except for a few oddball outfits who charge more for less.

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  1. hb2

    Price does not matter if I like the place, I spend about $6 + tip per visit, if they sell some kind of baked goods maybe add another $4.

  2. I’ll pay more for coffee that’s being undersold. Respect the coffee, man!

    If they won’t take it as a charge for the coffee, I’ll drop the difference into the tip jar. I refuse to pay too little for coffee.

    On the other hand, I won’t pay too much for bad coffee. I just don’t visit the places that overcharge for sub-par coffee.

  3. I have no idea what the drinks cost at my favorite coffee shops. The only time I noticed a drink price was after I had a disappointing latte at a new coffee shop and thought about how I just wasted 3 or 4 bucks.

  4. Pierce/Bear

    [quote]hb2 says:
    Price does not matter if I like the place, I spend about $6 + tip per visit, if they sell some kind of baked goods maybe add another $4.[/quote]

    I have exactly the same attitude: it is called paying for the ambience 🙂

  5. Ryan, you nailed it. If it’s what you’re looking for, the price ultimately won’t matter. That’s why we go there in the first place.

    I just ordered a quad mocha this morning at my fav east valley shop which cost me $6 including tip.

    If the price starts getting to me, which it does at time – I’m not rich, then I cook up my espresso at home with the same ingredients from said shop above, only I don’t use Illy espresso at home – I use local roasted stuff from a Moon Valley shop.

    Anyway, that was off topic a bit.

    So, I spend about $6/drink.

  6. I am a new roaster to the area of Surprise. We will be opening in October. Price does matter as people have said. If it’s no good, it’s too high. As a new Coffee House owner, I appreciate any constructive criticism that will improve service and quality. If our coffee and “ambience” is good, please let us know that you’re not paying too much.

  7. Pierce/Bear

    Ambience is flat beyond ‘subjective’.

    Case in point: despite it being a touch ‘Spartan’; I really am comfortable @ Austin’s place in Globe, Vida a Caffe.

    I have always been treated well there; as have my guests (Austin knows of whom I speak of 🙂 ).

  8. Thank you guys. I will make sure to pass a long this notes to some of the coffee shopes around, expect a price raise by the end of the week. No really, thanks for the feedback. Quality has always been the driver. I believe that people will pay and frecuent coffee houses if they are featuring better coffee than national chains. The quality has to be addresed totally; look, feel, Customer service and of course taste.

  9. hb2

    Next Month Starbucks will raise their prices (july 31st), I don’t really care cuz I only buy at local coffee houses. Some people at my office are really mad… sucks for them.

  10. Jason Silberschlag

    those starbuckians deserve to have their prices raised! maybe they’ll start spending locally instead!