dr luxA couple of years ago I tried the Dr Lux over at Lux Coffee for the first time. I recently decided to try it again and got this (apparently horrible quality) photo. Overall: Not worth it. I’m assuming it wasn’t popular because it isn’t even on the menu any more. When I ordered, the barista said “Oh! Old school then!”

What is it? It’s heavy whipped cream and a Dr Pepper with espresso shots.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Jas

    I have to disagree. I do like this drink.

    While I am not a fan of sweet drinks and prefer to drink Americanos or doubleshots I do find that the Dr. Lux is a good novelty drink. The espresso compliments the flavor of the Dr Pepper. i would never make this a daily nor weekly drinking habit but a Dr. Lux every now and then is quite refreshing.

  2. Remember, if we all liked the same thing, there would always be a line. Menus would be a lot easier if there weren’t different people wanting different things.
    That should be a clue to a lot of people that their personal tastes have nothing to do with what is correct and what is not, but somehow, they never figure any of that out.
    It’s got a lot of good things in it, and I’d be willing to try them combined. I do have to say that I’d be really hesitant to suggest that it wasn’t good before I tried one, though.

  3. hb

    I tried it before and it’s an experience. Not a big fan.
    I do miss Lux since I moved to Texas.