Well I went over to LUX Coffeebar today to try their famous Dr Lux drink which I have heard about recently. It was good. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I’ll have to explain how it was served. In a tall glass cup with ice cubes and Dr Pepper, toss in two shots of espresso and add a healthy dollop of thick whipped cream.

dr lux

Overall, it was quite good. Especially after I mixed in the cream (which tasted like it had a flavor to it?). I don’t know if I’d make it a frequent favorite (especially at $3.50 a glass), however it’s an interesting drink and worthy of a try, especially if you have a taste for new things.

Next, I need to try their fresh lemonade.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Steve Kessler

    I’m glad to got a chance to try that. The Dr Pepper they use is made with “Pure Cane Sugar” and not “high fructose syrup”. It’s a very unique drink and definatly worth a try.

  2. karen m.

    a respite from high fructose sounds good… whipped cream, yum…cold, k…may have to give this a whack en route to allergy shots

  3. Where do they get sugared Dr. Pepper? Mexico? I know that soda tastes way better with real sugar. Thats how I grew a fondness for cola.

    I’ll have to give it a shot. Sounds better than Coke Blàk (though wouldn’t be hard)

  4. The Dublin, TX Dr. Pepper plant still only makes Dr. Pepper with Imperial Can Sugar.

    You can order it from them online.

    I’ve seen a “sugar Dr. Pepper” but with no Imperial logo in sight, it isn’t the original formula, but it’s the same basic thing.

    Originally, Dr. Pepper was made with artesian well water and Imperial cane sugar. The flavor is vastly different than what you get in a vending machine.

  5. Those are all good questions. I don’t know where they get the Dr Pepper from. Now I’m really curious.

  6. Ok, one more question. Chris, since you got it. What was the order that they made it? How did they chill the espresso?

    It sounds like an interesting drink that i would like to try and not ruin.

  7. I didn’t watch them make it. I was talking with someone I know that was at the coffee shop.

  8. aaahhh, yes…hard at work? LOL!

  9. The Dublin Dr. Pepper has the Imperial logo on the cases. I just wandered over and checked. Ordering the stuff online from Texas gets you a very large UPS bill. A certain specialty beverage distributor in Tempe has it in stock. We sell quite a bit of it.

  10. hb2

    The drink has been in their menu for over a year.
    It’s good but I rather get the caramel iced non fat milk and yes… whip cream…

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