Here is a short video clip about downtown Phoenix hosted by Gina Madrid of Drip Coffee Lounge. The video clip features some shots of Drip Coffee and some sights from Phoenix.

Drip Coffee Lounge
2325 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: (602) 795-9905

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Phoenix Native

    The staff at Drip Coffee is always courteous and always friendly, and their customers are generally cool, too. (None of the too-hip snobbery that characterized that now-closed place on Van Buren.) Definitely worth a visit for those who’ve never been there…

  2. I know this is gonna sound kinda dickish, but I’m a bit lost on what was happening here. I like the vid, but all I got, aside from the advertising of the coffee shop and the bar, was that Phoenix isn’t a cowboy town, it’s an indian (native American) town. Oh, and the best we have to offer in place of the Met is the Heard. I’ve been to the Met. In comparison, the Heard is ‘cute’. Really nice museum on it’s own, but not next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    This short film had a target audience and a particular goal, and out of context I just got a bit lost.
    Great visuals, though, and not lacking of decent audio, which is the hallmark of locally produced stuff and the intertubes in general.