The newspaper has an article about Dutch Bros. Coffee today. I’ve included an excerpt below.

In the juggernaut of coffee shops, brewing up business can be tough.

For Dutch Bros. Coffee, the secret boils down to freebies for first-timers.

“We knew this business was good at ‘free,’ ” joked Jim Thompson, who with wife, Janice McCarthy, recently opened the first Dutch Bros. Coffee franchise in Tempe near Arizona State University.

The drive-through and walk-up coffee shop seems to be a hit with ASU students and staff, in part because first-timers get a free cup of coffee. And that deal applies to anyone, not just those with university connections. The shop tries to breed loyalty and attract repeat business from customers who want staffers to know their names as much as they know their regular coffee orders.

“They’re nice, they’re friendly, they remember my name and she (the clerk) knows what I want even before I get there,” said Tim Clark, 27, who pulled into the drive-through recently in a red Toyota Land Cruiser.

Rather than talk through an intercom box, customers order their drinks at a drive-up window.

Thompson and his regional manager Dave Vines said the system is faster than other drive-through setups and gives customers the added personal touch of more direct human contact.

“It’s all designed for speed,” Vines said. “And we believe you should never turn your back on a customer.”

Taxes are included in the price of drinks so customers don’t have to fumble with pennies and odd change. Cash is deposited into an old-fashioned cash box.

“People don’t come back here for the coffee,” Vines said. “Well, they do, but they come back here because people know their name, are friendly and it’s convenient.”

Dutch Bros. is a family-run company started in 1992 by two brothers who were dairy farmers in Grants Pass, Ore. They began serving coffee from a cart and later built drive-through coffee shops without a walk-in restaurant, thereby saving money on overhead. They now have more than 100 locations, most of which are franchise-owned.

Thompson and McCarthy have brought the first Dutch Bros. shops to Arizona. They opened their Tempe location at Rural Road and Lemon Street in late August and have plans to open another store at Bell Road and 29th Street in April or May.

They also have plans to develop five more stores soon, including in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Gilbert.

The couple want to open 20 stores throughout the Valley over the next three years.

Thompson said the franchise isn’t worried about competing with Starbucks and other established coffee chains.

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  1. Chris Colossio

    The Human Bean comes from the same area of the Pacific NorthWest as Dutch Bros with the same friendly concept. The Human Bean has two new locations and is implementing the same growth as Dutch Bros. Two very good franchises….

  2. Tanya Bender

    I am from the Northwest- Medford, Oregon to be exact and I was recently in Tempe, AZ. when I found the Dutch Bros there I was sooooo happy.

    I almost cried… You see I have been going to Dutchies since they first opened here in medford. I always say I should have stock in the company (atleast one brain freeze a day) that is alot of coffee over the years. Anyway I am so happy you guys are doing well in Arizona. I tried to help I took everyone I knew there to let them experience the Dutch Mafia.
    Tanya Bender

  3. Melea

    I LOVE DUTCH BROS TEMPE!!!!! you guys are amazing!!!! dutch luv~~~ :)~~~ :)~~~ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Millie

    I think the new Jimi Beans coffee drive thru emplyees are rude. No morals. Sleezy! Like the one in Redding California on Hilltop

    Dutch Bros. Rocks!

  5. dutch bros on Rural Rd in Tempe is the best coffee drive thru in the valley can’t wait for more to open. The coffee is fantastic and the employee service and friendliness is the very best. James

  6. tyler

    There is no comparison between starbucks and Dutch Bros…better and faster service…better drink quality and coffee taste…..the baristas will blow you away with service tyler

  7. carole

    I was in Medford last week, went to Dutch Bros every day–love the Dutch Mafia——was elated to find you are in Tempe. Headed there today for a Dutch Freeze !!! 🙂

  8. Aaron

    Always a good way to start off the morning. Friendly people that take the time to learn and USE your name. Great Place!

  9. Kristina

    Dutch Bros is my life! its a culture. Im so glad to hear its being spread around!!! Cant wait to go on a big ol DB tour and just go to a whole bunch of em. Ever in Meridian, Id come on by!!!
    Dutch Princess forever!

  10. Rick

    Good Times

  11. monique

    I am so glad Dutch bros is coming to AZ I am from the Rogue Valley Oregon and really miss dutch bros i live in Avondale and we could use one on this side. When I go to Mesa to my boyfriend house I always go get my coffee.. I just recently went to Oregon last week and could’nt wait to have Dutch bros everyday..Hope to see you come this way

  12. Hi my name is Monica, i live just around the corner from the new Bell Rd. location. I was wondering how I could apply to work in that store once it is open? I have lots of coffee shop experience (not Starbucks), ans customer service skills. Could you please E-mail me the necessary information.
    Thanks Monica; coffee lover