Last night I heard from Charlie and Renee, the owners and operators at Elixer Coffee Solutions in Tucson, AZ. They wrote to let me know of some bittersweet news. They have sold their Studebaker (named Roscoe) and all of their espresso gear and business name to a new owner. The new owner, Keturah Havey, will maintain the Elixer Coffee brand and serve coffee in Austin, TX.

Charlie and Renee wrote this message to their fans:

Well, Cry not for me Arizona, and it is with great pride and joy that Renee and I wish the best of luck to Keturah Havey, and a Austin Texas.

Yep, Roscoe is moving to the Lone Star State. With Roscoe the Studebaker coffeemaker goes the branding, the good will, the promise of success and true sustainability, values we have had since our opening in August of 2003.

I will begin the development of the next platform tomorrow morning.

Renee and I would like to say one thing about Harlows Gardens, We Americans throw a lot of words around pretty loosely, love is one of them. We have really enjoyed our short stint at Harlows and though the word love comes to mind it is totally, absolutely, positively and completely inadequate… we need a better word. If some one knows this word please put it in the comments section, we could really use it now.

We’d also like to thank all of you who have supported elixer, and ask your patience, I’ll think of something…

Charlie and Renee
the artists formerly known as elixer coffee solutions

Arizona Coffee

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  1. David X

    Are they moved out already? Is there still time to have a cup at Elixer before it moves to Austin?

  2. This was one of the coolest things here in Tucson.

  3. Chris Tingom

    David, I’m pretty sure August 22nd was the last day in Tucson, but I could be wrong.

  4. NNNOOOOOOOOOoooooohhhhh!

    Not again!?!

    Guys, I will so miss my jaunts to Harlow’s to visit. I know, never often enough, but I had other places I had to try and support, too, and my hours and yours were somewhat at odds. Won’t make me miss you any less, though…
    So, who’s gonna go bring their expertise and skills to one of the other top-quality shops here in Tucson?
    I’ll surely make a reference!

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