I received an email yesterday from Charlie Panipinto and Renee Wold letting me know about their switch to Intelligentsia.

In celebration of FOUR YEARS of service we are proud to announce our new business alliance with Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea! Intelligentsia is definitely a coffee connoisseur of independents with a serious mission to work at origin. This means directly traveling to their coffee’s source each of the 12 months of the year. So when you see the Intelligentsia Direct Trade logo on the bag, you know how much effort has been invested in each bean. We at Elixer believe in honoring that hard work and with tremendous responsibility, skill and knowledge we’ll do justice to the end product—your coffee.

We share a common passion. We are both companies that take great pride in our product and we feel that we share a responsibility in utilizing our unique platform to showcase and make great coffee. So we are thrilled to be collaborating with people who share our vision of quality. We look forward to sharing this experience with you and will answers any questions of all aspects of our new coffee solutions.

Download PDF. This is an exclusive for Arizona Coffee, they haven’t even sent these out to their customers yet — and apparently there are more goodies to come.

Thanks for keeping us informed!

Elixer Coffee Solutions
Located On North Patio Of Fry’s – Rooney Ranch Center
10661 N Oracle Road (First Ave And Oracle Road)
Oro Valley, Arizona

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Brian

    I just got the flyer today about elixer’s exciting news and I am looking forward to trying Intelligentsia Coffee for the first time tomorrow. So Renee, get the Black Cat ready!
    Best of luck and continued success Renee and Charlie

  2. momma

    Hi Renee and Charlie congradulations on your 4 year anniversary. Can’t wait to try the new coffee tomorrow. I know your customers have come to know you as a person and not just someone who servers them coffee everyday, but someone who takes the time and interest in everyone that comes to the cafe. Love momma

  3. Congrats, Elixer! I’m sure that Intelligentsia will be a welcome change to both your customers and the Arizona coffee community.

  4. mikeftrevino

    Congratulations to you guys. I’m happy to see you doing well and still keeping the passion for coffee. I hope to see you both at the jam. cheers! Here’s to many more years on Elixer coffee.

  5. Four years and counting Elixer! Renee, you are going to change the way the OV views coffee and we all look forward to the upcomimg events. You have shown a great commitment to the community and the evolution of the cafe. So spread the word of Direct Trade coffee and I am sure people will flock to Elixer solely on your passion for qualtiy. It is commendable. Happy brewing!

  6. It was nice meeting you Renee and great job on the Black Cat shot!

  7. charlie panipinto

    Renee and I wish to thank everyone for all of your wonderful response. Those of you who’ve stopped by, thanks for your approval and understanding, and feedback, because of you we will continue to improve our process.
    This morning I was taken completely off guard by friend, fellow barsista, and jedi knight Mike, I dialed him up (trying to call the mom), somehow in a very short conversation I got that though he recognised we changed and he wasn’t clear as to the rational.
    We’re in this business to make money, sure, that’s why people go into business. In the coffee business there are some assumptions and understandings, lots of them. If you don’t get them you’re not in business long.
    There are models of doing business. One is a conventional method. That’s farmer to co-op to broker, to broker, to roaster. There’s transport and storage too.
    elixer changed suppliers to go with a different model. Direct Trade, You’ve got to see this for yourself (intelligentsiacoffee.com). In a nutshell, pay the guy who takes the risk, does the work, makes your coffee live, pay the farmer. You want to be paid what you’re worth, right?

  8. A hundred blocks on Oracle Road Traffic just doesn’t seem worth the travel and gas to get beans from you rather than Chicago (or are yours coming from the new Silverlake place already?). Are you planning on shipping beans into Tucson ; >, or am I going to have to saddle up and ride out to Oro Valley for supplies?

  9. charlie panipinto

    Order straight from intelligentsiacoffee.com. Both Roasteries are fully functional battlestars.
    We’re actually stocking Black Cat Espresso, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, New Guinea, El Gallo, and Quetzal Blend, El Diablo Dark Roast, and Mexican Organic La Perla de Oaxaca.
    Most of these are really “clean, and bright” typical of South and Central American offerings (except the Yirg and NG) so you have a real opportunity to sample a chunk of Intelligentsia’s line (this season). Most are Direct Trade.
    Your concern about the distance; realistically, coffee is, and ever will be an object of convenience. It is more a question of your values as applied to coffee. You seem well rounded, and quite caffeinated, you’ll always be welcome in Oro Valley (please keep it under 51 mph, how do you think they keep the taxes down?). You decide what it’s worth to you, we’re too happy to share this wonderful stuff.

  10. I’m familiar with the history of the constabulary in OV, I have occasion to work out at the El Con, so the rules are too familiar. ; >
    OTOH, it’s just hard to walk away form my two-group in my kitchen to spend an hour (at lest, round trip) on Oracle Rd traffic to get coffee that is probably as good as what happens at my house. At least, that’s how I’m consoling myself!
    Rest assured, though, that any trip up to northern parts will include a stop at your place!