Just yesterday while checking out the web site for Pane Bianco (that neat sandwich shop next to Lux) I noticed that Pane Bianco is taking a “summer break” beginning August 24th and ending on September 15th.

My first thought is it’s an interesting idea. Just schedule a break every year. Everybody needs a break from their work to relax. It could also be a business move: Take 1 week to rethink business goals, plan any menu changes, and pump up morale by having team meetings away from the ordinary.

Well, that’s enough philosophizing for today.

Then last night I received an email from Charlie at Elixer Coffee Solutions (they have a cool web site at www.elixercoffee.com) saying “the Manager of the Fry’s store that elixer is set-up at gave us a 24 hour notice.”

This means that Charlie and Renee will be looking for a new home. If you have any suggestions just let them know (right now they are based in Oro Valley, AZ). They’ve decided at the same time they are looking to take a short break, travel a bit, and reevaluate business goals. We wish them a great summer and hope they find a new home soon.

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  1. RJD

    How about the Fry’s on La Canada & Lambert? It used to have an espresso cart in front of it years ago. Anyone remember Angela?

    Best of luck Elixer. I was counting on stopping by on my next trip down to Tucson!

  2. RJD

    Forgive my stupid comment…. I think there is already a Tully’s at the Fry’s at La Canada & Lambert. It’s been a couple of years since I was down there.

    Tully’s is what Fry’s will more than likely incorporate as part of their remodel at the location where Elixer used to be. I wonder if Fry’s store management received pressure from Tully’s or Fry’s corporate to make this move?

    Also, 24 hours is very little notice. More than likely the nice folks that own Elixer will have to eat some inventory.

  3. jc

    I heard from a friend who works for fry’s that it’s probably gonna be starbucks going in there.

  4. I wish I had heard sooner. Charlie and Rene, d’y’all have any ‘Cat you have to get rid of? If I’m gonna shop for beans, I might as well get something good that does some good.
    OTOH, Crave isn’t open, and Kim would probably entertain a decent offer. Last I heard (this is a rumour) she is wiling to have someone come in for talking over the $3K a mo. nut. I’d do more research if I were interested, but something is happening there. Details may or may not run parallel to the rumours on the wind.

  5. 24 hours. Thanks corporate America. I’m guessing Frys lost at least one customer with that stunt.

    Good luck, Charlie and Renee.

  6. Mitch

    Sad…Elixer is a rarity in AZ, an outdoor coffee cart and an exceptional one at that. A short break sound nice but you’ve heard the saying “the cat came back the very next day” I’m sure Renee will come back even better and stronger. Best of luck.

  7. Jenna

    Hey Charlie and Renee!

    Word on the street is you guys have been hosting frequent guerilla cafes at places around town. Beth told me about this Saturday event and the crowds are making it hard to keep it on the down low. Cant wait to see you guys- if you see this, please call me-I wanna know if I can invite a couple of die hards.