I thought this was a pretty awesome rant:

OK….ENOUGH! with the pour over drip stations..the treating coffee like it’s not meant to be enjoyed, but rather a painstaking, painful “ART” that only can be consumed with a face full of Angst. DO NOT treat coffee like it’s a the black wearing, skinny jeans fitting, dirty fingernail having First Friday going HIPSTER! It’s none of the above. It’s a beautiful farmed bean that, with a small amount of love can transform a mundane morning into a wonderful day…It can bring people together, it can soothe crappy rainy days and make going to the Symphony a night out….That’s it! No more…I want to order a Cappuccino and get it in less than 25 minutes….I want to be able to put sugar in any drink I order, and not get a glare from the waaaaay tooooo coooool “barista”.

There’s more, too… click the link below to read the rest.

Posted on the One Coffee Company Facebook page today.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. El Hefe

    Spoken like a bonafide hipster.

  2. Time, experience, and knowledge will sort it all out, as it always has…. some very valid points for people in the industry to consider. There is a middle ground for the few that know how to find it….