I had the opportunity to meet the nice folks at Espressions Coffee Roastery recently and tour their coffee roastery. Espressions is one of the larger coffee roasters in Arizona. They roast all of the coffee sold at AJ’s Fine Foods (except the espresso) and also roast coffee for a large number of restaurants and coffee shops.

Espressions began as a coffee shop and custom coffee roasting company in 1989 and was founded by Hannah Romberg. It is worth noting that Espressions is probably one of the only woman owned coffee roaster businesses in Arizona.

Since the beginning the company has focused on the restaurant industry rather than coffee shops exclusively. I think this is noteworthy, as more restaurants need good coffee and they serve this market well (it is probably often overlooked by most roasters).

A delightful latte.

Arizona Coffee reader/contributor Steve Kessler recently joined the roasting team at Espressions, and gave me a personal tour of the roasting plant. They have a very nice facility which is on Washington right behind The Stockyards Restaurant. It is a 6,000 square foot roasting facility. Almost all of it is an air conditioned warehouse that serves as the roasting facility. The rest of the building is offices for the team as well as an elegant sample room designed so customers can test products.

La Marzocco espresso machine in the Espressions show room.

Bag of unroasted coffee beans.

Two bags of roasted coffee.

Part of the warehouse where Espressions stores their unroasted coffee beans and other supplies.

Espressions carries a massive supply of flavors.

Showroom where Espressions demonstrates products.

Espressions is right behind Stockyards Restaurant on Washington St. in a very nice, new building.

Steve Kessler next to one of the Espressions roasting machines.

The Espressions team in front of one of their new roasters.

Espressions Coffee Roastery
5017 E. Washington St.
Suite 103
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: (602) 424-3099

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  1. Very cool. Very clean place. Just a note, Echo espresso is also woman owned.

  2. Steve Kessler – Man and Machine. Nice pictures

  3. Daily Buzz is woman-owned too.
    (haha Bill gotcha back)

  4. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for stopping by! It was great to see you again. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit.

  5. Ah, Steve! Nice new digs my brudda! So, where does one go to order the coffee?

  6. Chris!!!! Good to hear from you. As of right now, we only sell our coffee to our wholesale accounts. However, next time your in the Phoenix area, let’s hook up and I’ll bring you some on the house. Take care!

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  8. Very inspirational site for us smaller startup roasters. You have a business model to mirror. Good luck in 2011.

  9. matthew balogh

    Do you also sell unroasted coffee