Melanie Campbell wrote:

[I] would like to be included in your Roasters listing section:

Espressions is a local custom coffee roastery that has been supplying Arizona restaurants since 1989. A well-kept secret, you have undoubtedly sampled their specialty coffee and hand-scented iced teas at favorite local restaurants, [as] well as many local coffee bars.

Melanie Campbell
Espressions Coffee Roastery
5017 E. Washington Street, Suite 103
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(602) 424-3099 phone
(602) 424-3097 fax

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Charlie @ elixer

    We’ve been doing Business with espressions since we opened (8/03). We’ve never been a typical cafe. We’re not for everyone.
    Every business exists to make money, thats fine, at elixer we’ve chosen a business model that makes that money as a sideline, a by-product of a “different goal”.
    Part of this model is the use of the tested and proven products that go into our offerings. Espressions is a large part of our success. The full line-up of Monin Syrups is one example, hold any other similar product next to a Monin and read the ingredients, Monin has a decided shortlist of fairly non-scientific and simple ingredients.
    Another highlight feature is the Guitard Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Caramel, cost a little more, but our client base would know if we did’nt use them.
    The very best thing about working with Espressions isn’t anything you can order in their product lines, it’s dealing with Hannah, Virgil, and Melanie. The only thing better than great customers, is great suppliers and that would be Espressions.

  2. Java Junction in Globe used to use Espressions. It was really bold espresso but I thought it made a good cappuccino and complimented chocolate well in a mocha.

  3. Thanks, guys, for the lovely compliments . . . We’re blushing over here!

    Hannah, Mel and Virg