Austin Baker had a chance to try an espresso con panna made by a coffee catering company named Espresso Italia. They were apparently catering at the Barrett Jackson gala event. He had never heard of them so posted their info in the forum. I hadn’t either. Has anybody?

Espresso Italia
1425 E University Drive
Suite 100
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: (480) 731-3236

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Matthew Owens

    Espresso Italia, is Patrick O’malley. He is a wholesaler of coffee, related products and Espresso Machines. Patrick used to be involved in and was a roasting consultant for a time. I am a friend of Patrick’s, happened to come across your post. If you wish to talk to someone that has a passion for good coffee, and is a purist, give him a call. His coffee can be found all over town in most fine italian restaraunts. His coffee, Mokarabia is found statewide in fine dining establishments such as Marchellino’s on 12th street, Veneto Trattoria on Scottsdale Road, and The Breakfast Club. Not only does he sell the coffee, he shows the customers what their responsibility is to produce a good espresso or drip coffee. Patrick also has an excellent Ice Tea blend that I personally think to be one of the cleanest tasting out there, and reasonably priced. My family does business with him in our kitchens and homes and we openly recommend him.