Someone told me about Espresso Wrench today. Just wanted to pass them along as a resource as I hear they are pretty good with espresso machine repair in southern Arizona.

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  1. Espresso Wrench are really nice guys! I worked with Bill to get the few parts for the Astoria (which is done and ready for a new home) needed to get her back up and in like-new condition. He was very helpful, and took time to hang out and educate me a bit and turn me on to a few tricks of the trade. Mostly what they do is installations and re-build/repair, but they also have a few machines and grinders at the shop.

  2. MikeFTrevino

    I’ve been in the Tucson coffee industry for quite a while and Bill has been a regular fixture at every shop. If I were to open a shop, he’s the only person I’d go to for my equipment needs. His extensive equipment knowledge coupled with his great personality make him a no brainer for coffee shops in Tucson and surrounding areas.

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