I was in Wickenburg on Saturday and saw The Pony Espresso. I was with family and we had to get to the Desert Caballeros Western Museum before they closed so I couldn’t stop in, but liked the sign.

The Pony Espresso
233 E Wickenburg Way
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

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  1. Ken

    Neat sign, but not a very attractive or inviting place.

  2. Karen m.

    catchy play on words

  3. Yeah, I agree. It’s not very inviting. I honestly was afraid to venture further. I couldn’t even tell if they were open, frankly. I wish I had seen their web site before my trip. I might have gone in.

  4. I bet their tip jar says “thanks a-latte”..

    ..be bold

  5. O

    Is Wickenburg worth the trip out there? I’m still pretty green when it comes to most of Arizona.

    As for the coffeeshop, at least they’re trying, right?

  6. Wickenburg is actually pretty cool. It’s about an hour away, and the cowboy museum is worth the trip. They have an interesting old town feel. It used to be a mining town, so there is a bit of history.

  7. Thanks Jason, I really needed a good laugh today!

  8. You know, it would’ve actually been cool if they had a real hitching post with some ropes hanging from it, just to make it seem like you could park your horse there. Unfortunately, it does look like a scary place from the outside.

  9. Steve

    That picture almost looks like it’s from a third world country. I would have one hand holding my espresso and the other hand on my gun.

  10. It just shouts “I need a new location, a plan, and a budget.”

  11. Debbie

    I’ve been to Wickenburg a number of times and the Pony Expresso is a great coffee shop to grab a sandwich and a great cup of joe. The chicken salad is to die for. It’s sort of eclectic in the mist of other western shops, but you will be more than pleased.

  12. tracy

    The coffe is ok but they make awesome brownies.

  13. actually thats the back side parking lot to our building! arghh so not really trying to be all that clever or inviting however our front enter is great feel free to check out our webpage at http://www.ponyespressocafe.com.

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